The Perfect Contrast Therapy Playlist

The Perfect Contrast Therapy Playlist

We love hearing about your contrast therapy experiences! Multiple members tell us after their session that they have a go-to cold plunge song. That got us thinking, what's our go-to songs in the infrared sauna and cold plunge? So we made a playlist you can add songs to and improve your experience. Check them out below

Infrared Sauna Playlist

Whether you're using the heat to meditate or amp up to your cold plunge, we have a variety of songs that can raise the heat or guide your breathing. 

Cold Plunge Playlist

 Many members stick to three minutes in the plunge and instead of watching a timer, they pick the perfect song to guide them through that time. Choose how long you want to plunge and find a song that will take you through the highs and lows of plunging.

Did we miss a song? Add them to our playlist so others can share your experience. 

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