Laura Phelps-Stackhouse on Powerlifting and Contrast Therapy

Laura Phelps-Stackhouse has always been deeply involved in sports. She began her athletic journey with soccer, but it was during her high school years that she found a keen interest in gymnastics and track & field. Even as she moved on to higher education at Ohio State and Bowling Green, her fondness for running persisted. However, after college, Laura felt the need to challenge herself further. At 23, she embarked on a weightlifting journey at a local Powerhouse gym. This newfound interest evolved into a passion for bodybuilding, leading her to compete in three shows.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Laura then incorporated powerlifting into her regimen, and she quickly realized her strength in this discipline. Her enthusiasm peaked when she participated in her first push/pull powerlifting meet. This newfound interest took her to Detroit and Westside Barbell, where she trained with experienced powerlifters, preparing for her first full-power sanctioned meet. She achieved remarkable feats in this meet: a squat of 551 pounds, a bench press of 303 pounds, and a deadlift of 440 pounds. Just three months later, she shattered the All-Time Squat World Record by 66 pounds with a 683-pound squat and also set the All-Time Total World Record. Over the next decade, under the guidance of Louie Simmons and her personal training regimen, Laura continued to achieve immense success in competitions.

Powerlifting Accolades:

She currently holds eight All-Time World Records:

She has achieved the 440 lb Bench Press in the 148 lb. Weight Class.

Among her feats are the 775 lb Squat in 165 lb Weight Class and 530 lb Bench Press in the same category.

She made the 1800 lb Total in the 165 lb Weight Class.

In the 181 lb Weight Class, she boasts records with a 770 lb Squat and 540 lb Bench Press.

She has also made the 1770 lb Total in the 181 lb Weight Class and the 540 lb Bench Press in the 198 lb Weight Class.

Laura has been recognized for having the Strongest Squat and Bench Press, by bodyweight, in history.

She became the First Female to Total 11x Bodyweight.

She is the Only Female to break and simultaneously hold 4 All-Time Bench Press world records across four weight classes.

With the Highest ranked Total by formula, Laura is lauded as the strongest female powerlifter in history.

Post Powerlifting: As Laura began to shift away from competitive powerlifting, she remained dedicated to her passion for the sport. Eager to impart the Conjugate Method to other enthusiasts, she started personal training, coaching, and programming in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2008. Under her guidance, countless athletes have achieved elite totals, pro totals, and even world records. She not only emphasizes strength but also ensures powerlifting and the Conjugate method are accessible to all.

In 2017, in response to soaring demand, Laura founded Queen Bee Power. The organization provides powerlifting programming, with an added emphasis on Crossfit strength and WOD programming. For Laura, the greatest reward has been witnessing the growth and achievements of her athletes, helping them to accomplish goals that might once have seemed out of reach.

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